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Up Against It from the October 9, 1969 issue

To the Editors:

In his review of The Devil Has Slippery Shoes, by Polly Greenberg, Mr. Herbert Kohl states that The Head Start Program known as The Child Development Group of Mississippi was absorbed by the Mississippi State Government. [NYR, October 9]

For the record, CDGM (now called Mary Holmes College Community Education Extension) is alive, though some wags would dispute its health. The program still serves over 5300 children with over 1200 employees in 14 Mississippi Counties.

Newsweek Magazine in an earlier review of Mrs. Greenberg’s book had also reported the demise of CDGM in a fashion similar to that of Mr. Kohl. Just the other day The New York Times reported that a legal services program, for which Mary Holmes College is currently grantee, had been dead for two years. It is easy enough for those of us who labor down here to become paranoid without the help of New York Publicists. Unless, of course, you know something we don’t know.

John W. Kalas

Director of College Extension

Mary Holmes College

West Point, Mississippi

This Issue

December 18, 1969