To the Editors:

Nineteen seventy-two marks twenty years since Danilo Dolci first took up his work in western Sicily. His use of nonviolence and direct social action in attempting to deal with problems of exploitation and apathy has had important results and has attracted world-wide attention. Dolci has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dolci will visit the United States from September 26 through October 15. He will be in the Midwest from October 1 through October 7, in the East before and after that time.

Invitations for him to appear before campus or community groups are welcome. Previous tours have aroused increasing interest in his work and in its applicability to pressing problems which face our own society. The tour is sponsored by Friends of Danilo Dolci; inquiries should be addressed to the Chairman, Professor Alfred McClung Lee, 100 Hemlock Road, Short Hills, New Jersey 07078, (201) 376-8232, or to Ms. Joan Simon, 7 Gracie Square, New York, NY 10028, (212) 288-0756.

Those who simply wish to know more about our work should write directly to Professor Lee.

Sumner M. Rosen

New York City

This Issue

June 15, 1972