To the Editors:

The Medical Aid Committee for Indochina, which has been raising funds for the purchase of medical supplies and equipment for the victims of American intervention in Indochina, is organizing a national campaign for the week of October 8-14. As the war continues and intensifies, activities of this sort take on increased importance. Though pitifully inadequate to the need, the direct assistance to the victims of Nixon’s war is nonetheless a significant contribution. Small-scale organizing projects have had encouraging success not only in raising funds but also in serving as a focus for educational efforts and other forms of protest and opposition to the war.

The organizers point out that “Right now it is the US government with its anti-personnel weapons, napalm, and laser-guided bombs that is defining our relationship to the people of Indochina. If we want to define that relationship differently, we’ll have to take the initiative. Medical aid is one important way to make a substantive beginning.”

Medicine, surgical and clinical supplies, equipment, and literature have been sent to the DRV for use there and in the liberated zones. Contributions are needed, and still more important, programs that will continue and expand. Information about the Committee’s activities as well as resources and program suggestions can be obtained from the national office, Medical Aid for Indochina, 474 Centre Street, Newton, Mass. 02158.

Noam Chomsky

Cambridge, Massachusetts