To the Editors:

Frank Kofsky, author of Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music, a critical book-length study of Lenny Bruce (in press), and numerous articles on black history, music, and culture, has been denied tenure by the history department at California State University, Sacramento. The leading charge against Kofsky, from which the character of the others can readily be deduced, is that he is “unduly pro-black” in his “attitude and his grading.” Students at Sacramento State, as well as members of the faculty and responsible leaders in both the black and white communities, are mobilizing to insure that the denial of tenure to Frank Kofsky is overturned. Letters of support for Kofsky can be sent to James Bond, President, CSUS, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, California 95819.

Funds to defray legal expenses involved in this campaign can be sent to the Committee to Retain Frank Kofsky, c/o Ms. Molly Mann, 4025 50th Street, Sacramento, California 95820.

Sandra Luce

California State University

Sacramento, California

This Issue

March 22, 1973