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The Battered, Triumphant Sage from the May 15, 1975 issue

To the Editors:

Commenting on Lou Andreas-Salomé’s relationship with famous men, Professor William Gass in one of his articles on Freud [NYR, May 15] writes: “in Vienna she was most attracted to Richard Beer-Hofmann (who?)”

Allow me to answer this question, Beer-Hofmann (1866-1945) was one of the great poets of the Young Vienna circle, an intimate friend of Hofmannsthal and Schnitzler, author of such biblical dramas as “Jaakobs Traum” (translated into English). He also adapted and directed Goethe’s “Faust” for the Burgtheater.

Egon Radvany

New York City

This Issue

October 16, 1975