I. Input for the Computer

Devils: One of us will be better looking
   when it is all over.

Angels: Well, let us hope
   we do not
   go down
   my darling
   both of us

Orgiasts: Go down
   both of us together
   or do not hope
   to curl
   like oil
   around the leaf.

Onanists: Yes, I feel better
   that it is
   all over
   the leaf.

II. Output from the Computer

Women’s Lib: What is good for us
   is good.
   What is good for them
   is no good.

Chauvinist: Hear, hear!
   Stick it in their ear.

III. Samuel Beckett Addresses the Computer

The only thing sure is that no one will
understand one when one is gone. Which is to
say that no one is equal to one when one is not
done. It is a situation to suggest that one will
understand no one so soon as no one has won.

This Issue

March 18, 1976