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In the Alleys of Mentalité from the November 8, 1979 issue

To the Editors:

Lawrence Stone has provided your readers with a useful and insightful synthesis of Emmanuel LeRoy Ladurie’s recent works in historiography [NYR, November 8]. His remarks concerning The Territory of the Historian (University of Chicago Press, 1979), while clearly indicating that the French-language edition was published in two volumes, may inadvertently give some readers the impression that our translation in English was intended, in a misleading way, to represent a selection from the whole of the original two volume edition. This is by no means the case. Volume II of Gallimard’s edition is currently being rendered into English by the same translators responsible for Volume I. And it will contain the “jewels” Mr. Stone rightly catalogs in his description of its contents. We expect to publish the second volume approximately one year from now.

Morris Philipson

Director, The University of Chicago Press

Chicago, Illionis

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December 6, 1979