To the Editors:

Ismael Weinberger Weitz is a fifty-one-year-old Uruguayan journalist. He was arrested on February 25, 1976 at his home in Montevideo. He was taken to a prison called “El Infierno,” where he was held incommunicado and severely tortured. He was then transferred to La Paloma prison where he was held blindfolded. In August 1979, Ismael Weinberger was sentenced to eight years in prison. The charge against him was that he had supplied information about trade unions to an underground opposition newspaper published in Montevideo.

Mr. Weinberger has committed no crimes. He has acted in accordance with the constitution of Uruguay and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Uruguay is a signatory. Please help obtain freedom for Ismael Weinberger. Write to the President of Uruguay asking that Mr. Weinberger be released from prison: Senor Presidente de la Republica, Dr. Aparicio Mendez, Casa de Gobierno, Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Pauline Kravath

Dobbs Ferry, New York

This Issue

January 22, 1981