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Your Host of Hosts from the June 28, 1984 issue

To the Editors:

In The New York Review, June 28, Robert G. Kaiser writes, “A French sociologist, Michel Crozier, has recently published a new edition of his standard work on America in which he suggests that Reagan should be seen as a modern-day version of Harding or Eisenhower….” This sentence would more accurately read “…Michel Crozier…will soon publish….” Mr. Crozier’s 1980 bestseller Le mal américain is being published this fall, from the University of California Press under the title “The Trouble with America.” While it may be gratifying to note that the French original has already become a standard work, the section to which Mr. Kaiser makes reference has yet to be published in any book. Mr. Crozier wrote it in English for the English edition of his work. Edited excerpts from it appeared in the July 1, 1984, Washington Post. Otherwise, it has not been published.

John R. Miles

The University of California Press

Los Angeles, California

This Issue

November 8, 1984