Old age, lookit, it’s stupid, a big fart
Messy what you are, it’s preposterous
Cane slips on the kerb, helped up, he grins, part
Apologetic, watchfull, vain, a mess.
And the flash phantom jumps transparent jumps
Rust flange loose, eye walked with walking sweet bees
Straw coin, sky’s green pin, own heart’s shrewd lumps
Its submiss trees and ancient evasive ease.
Child’s shrieks left tied in the dark who falls bruised
Like a senile man’s squeaks of rage at chess
Girl’s gorgeous, ten feet tall, smile unconfused
I’m a fool cared for, thank you yes, age, yes, such a mess.
Cat and kittens each summer my sweetheart
Consciousness shrinks, leaves them the larger part.

Copyright © 1985 Yvonne and Rudolph Burckhardt

This Issue

September 26, 1985