To the Editors:

As members of the social anthropology department of Cambridge University, we hope your readers will be interested in the following petition. All signatories are members of Cambridge University; the title of “Professor” specifically designates high academic achievement beyond the tenured position of Lecturer or Reader:

We, the undersigned, deplore the recent decision of the United States House of Representatives to accord 27 million dollars of aid to the counterrevolutionaries fighting to overthrow the present government of Nicaragua.

Professor R.M. Acheson, Professor V.R. Cane, Professor C.H. Chapman,Professor J.A. Davis, S. Drucker-Brown, Professor D.M. Emmet, Professor L.W. Forster, Professor A. Goehr, Professor V. Heine, Professor R.A. Hinde, Professor G. Horn, Professor P.A. Jewell, Y. Lambrion, Professor E. Leach, A.D. Lehman, Professor G.E.R. Lloyd, S. Miller, Professor O.M.H.L. de Mourgues, A. Roberts, G. Schumperlis, Professor A.M. Snodgrass, J.R. Wells, Professor B.A.O. Williams C. Yanner

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February 27, 1986