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'Freedom & Peace' & Prison from the May 29, 1986 issue

To the Editors:

In the May 29 issue of The New York Review you published a protest signed by nineteen leading US peace activists to the Polish Minister of Justice. Unfortunately a punctuation error created a misimpression of the nature of the case being protested. The corrected text follows:

Dear Mr. Domeracki:

We have learned that Jacek Czaputowicz and Piotr Niemczyk, two founding members of the “Freedom and Peace” group in your country, have been placed under investigate arrest. As activists and supporters of the US peace movement, we protest the arrest of Czaputowicz and Niemczyk and call upon you to release them immediately.

Joanne Landy, Steven Becker

Campaign for Peace and

Democracy/East and West

New York City

This Issue

June 12, 1986