To the Editors:

Many men and women living in New York who read The New York Review of Books and who are approaching retirement or have already retired may dislike the idea of being idle. Through the Mayor’s Voluntary Action Center’s Second Careers Volunteer Program, retired people may find ways to put their time to useful work, by helping to improve the lives of others. For the past eleven years many retired persons have held interesting unpaid jobs in various New York City and voluntary agencies.

Second Careers concentrates on positions in the internal management, administrative, education, financial, health, and legal fields. The program is concerned to find the right spot for a volunteer’s skills.

For more information call or write the Second Careers Volunteer Program, 51 Chambers Street, Room 1215, New York, NY 10007. Telephone (212) 566-1808.

Michael J. Foster
Associate Director
Second Careers Volunteer Program
New York City

This Issue

February 2, 1989