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From The House of the Dead: On Modern European Memory from the October 6, 2005 issue

To the Editors:

The Prague synagogue where the names of the 77,000 Jews who died in the Shoah were removed by the Czech authorities [see “From the House of the Dead,” NYR, October 6] was the Pinkas Synagogue, not the Altneuschul. I regret the mistake (which will be amended in the next printing of my book). In addition, I should not have included Majdanek with Treblinka and Sobibor as an example of extermination camps in Poland obliterated by the Germans as they fled before the advancing Red Army. When the Russians arrived in July 1944 the camp at Majdanek was still intact, albeit deserted. I am grateful to those who wrote in to correct me.

Tony Judt

New York City

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December 1, 2005