That building has won over everything.
Here in high school opportunities are numerous,
but what are they for?
You could live like a girl of thirteen
in a single dream,
quash outside solicitations,
go back to sleep every time,
wherever your suns take you.

This is outside, and remiss:
It takes tools to deploy the core of your dream,
face a common ford others have crossed too,
on Saratoga waters, now and again imbibing
notes of lemongrass and coconut.
I told him we don’t get anything from North Dakota.
Bilingual bullying was on the next floor.

We had the most beautiful morning and afternoon.
    We just had lunch with
Dean Pavlov’s proxy; the entire breeze,
right on the tabletop here.
They’re not going to sue their money,
accident waiting to happen, which you would need
Leonard doesn’t take himself for just anybody.

Ah, ça alors! Mais pas du tout!
A very good guide, no doubt,
bringing up fine images in the guts of the past.
Occupy it by dint of occupying it.
I was saying that to you when
plotting new frescoes:
It was a comestible kind of love.
Get in and learn something.

Go smack into Mrs. Duvet. The heart’s buildings—
simply ripping. Half a building up
(and we need many), lock yourself in
the lugubrious gondola. He was
just standing over there,
talking to them.