ÊTRE is the verb to be,
punishable by death or life-long confinement.

AIMER is the verb of misunderstanding:
also of longing for penetration of one by another,
an impulse of varying duration, prone to declivity
and often landing in law court.

DONNER means to give, as in the phrase
Je te donne, meaning that I take everything from you that I can
disengage from your grasp, even if I must smash your knuckles with a hatchet.

SAVOIR is to be frightened, similar in spelling to Savior
but with an opposite meaning.
Savior wears white clothes, and is executed:
it took only five nails and two cross-beams and mettlesome vegetation.

DORMIR is the verb to sleep which escapes me tonight,
doubtless because of your absence,
Dear upright participle of the verb to be.

ÊTRE and MOURIR are the verbs which serve
to parenthesize
a little time of confusion.

FINIR? Something appropriate which is yet to be known.