You were what made us cry
in the light to start with
we could see you were there
and we saw what you were
we were hiding from you
and would have been happy
to go on with the dream
that you could not find us
cold flame sight without eyes
line where both shores the seen
and the unseen come down
into nothing to pass
between to separate
to open to divide
what had been once from what
once it had been to tell
apart bringing always
the touch of the present
though the dread of you flares
up far ahead of you
and the memory of
you lingers and goes on
burning ahead of you
we plead with you who have
no ears for us we beg
in private and in vain
do not see us at all
ever we are not here
or if you see us do
not touch us wherever you
were going to touch us
or if you do touch us
divide us from something
it would be good to lose
and save us for ourselves