A.J.P. Taylor (1906–1990) was a British diplomatic historian.


A Great Place to Visit

The Intelligent Traveller's Guide to Historic Britain: England, Wales, the Crown Dependencies

by Philip A. Crowl, foreword by John Julius Norwich
This is a monumental work in more than one sense. It catalogues virtually every historic monument in England from neolithic fragments of stone to museums devoted to the Second World War—no doubt when there is a second edition it will include museums devoted to the battle of the Falkland Islands.

Pictures from an Expedition

Six Armies in Normandy: From D-Day to the Liberation of Paris, June 6th-August 25th, 1944

by John Keegan
In the First World War Western Europe was the main theater from first to last. Creat Britain and later the United States behaved as European powers, dispatching their troops to the western front much as France did. The first battle on the western front, the battle of the Marne, determined …


Churchill: Young Man in a Hurry, 1874-1915

by Ted Morgan
Most men are content with one career. Winson Churchill had half a dozen. Time and again he mastered a different field of politics and rose to a great height. On every occasion except the last his career ended in failure and even on the last occasion he was not sure …

Glamour Boy

Anthony Eden: A Biography

by David Carlton
Winston Churchill records that he only once spent a sleepless night of worry before and during the Second World War. That was on February 20, 1938, when he learned that Anthony Eden had resigned as foreign secretary. A tribute indeed to Eden as “the life-hope of the British nation.” David …

God Save Our Old Nobility

The Persistence of the Old Regime: Europe to the Great War

by Arno J. Mayer
F.W. Maitland spoke of history as “a seamless web” and lesser historians bow to Maitland’s authority. As a matter of practical convenience however history is usually divided into separate areas and periods. Europe-oriented historians chop their subject into three chunks—ancient, medieval, and modern. We can forget about antiquity, which was …

Old, Old Story

No Man's Land: 1918, The Last Year of the Great War

by John Toland

The End of Order: Versailles 1919

by Charles L. Mee Jr.
Few mysteries remain to be solved about the Second World War. With the Great War things are very different.

His Uncle’s Nephew

Napoleon III and Eugénie

by Jasper Ridley
Prince Louis Napoleon once occupied a great place on the European stage. From 1852 to 1870 he was Napoleon III. Emperor of the French, reviving if only in name the glories of his uncle. The other European rulers feared and courted him. Queen Victoria visited him at Paris with her …