A Good Doctor

The Piggle: An Account of the Psychoanalytic Treatment of a Little Girl

by D.W. Winnicott, edited by Ishak Ramzy
“I’m getting bigger and bigger. I’m going to be three. How old are you?” asks Gabrielle, nicknamed Piggle, who has been brought down from Oxford to London to see the great psychoanalyst, Dr. Winnicott. He tells her: “I’m sixty-eight.” Piggle says she’d like him to live nearer. A year or …

The New Wave in Psychiatry

Techniques of Family Therapy

by Jay Haley and Lynn Hoffman

Change: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution

by Paul Watzlawick and John Weakland and Richard Fisch
Some psychiatric patients (most notably, young adult schizophrenics) seem unable to get better because of the pressures their families exert on them. This common clinical observation gave rise, some fifteen years ago, to attempts to treat families as a whole. The number of clinicians treating families has since multiplied (there …

Inside the Fortress

A Home for the Heart

by Bruno Bettelheim
In private mental hospitals in Japan—so Bruno Bettelheim tells us—each patient is provided with a special female attendant, called a tsukisoi, who remains with the patient at all times, caring for his needs by day and sleeping beside him at night. The idea is arresting in its simplicity; it plunges …