Believe It Or Not

The Unbelievers

by A.O.J. Cockshut

Religious Controversies of the Nineteenth Century: Selected Documents

edited by A.O.J. Cockshut
How can we take seriously the religious qualms of the Victorians now that the “Death of God” has been solemnized on the cover of Time magazine? How can we attend to their quarrel over the Thirty-Nine Articles while we are fatally quarreling with God himself? How can we be expected …

Revaluations: “The Greatest Victorian”

Bagehot's Historical Essays

edited with an Introduction by Norman St. John-Stevas
The current intellectual fashion in cultural and social matters calls for simplicity and activism. The subtleties, complications and ambiguities that, in the past two or three decades, have been the mark of serious thought are now taken to signify a failure of nerve, a compromise with evil, an evasion of …

A Forgotten Worthy

James Anthony Froude: A Biography

by Waldo Hilary Dunn
The historian of ideas is apt to complain of the company he keeps. Since the best minds of an age are rarely the most representative of that age, he must often deliberately cultivate the second-best. Fortunately in Victorian England the gap between the two was not so large as it …

The Enigma of J. S. Mill

The Nature and Limits of Political Science

by Maurice Cowling

Mill and Liberalism

by Maurice Cowling
Among the epigraphs prefacing The Nature and Limits of Political Science is Cardinal Newman’s famous definition of liberalism: “By liberalism I mean…the exercise of thought upon matter, in which from the constitution of the human mind, thought cannot be brought to any successful issue and is therefore out of place.” …

The Scientific Imagination


by Ruth Moore and the Editors of Life

The Evolution of Man

by G.H.R. von Koenigswald
A recent issue of the Times Literary Supplement has excited considerable attention because of a long article by C.P. Snow, a rebuttal to the critics of Two Cultures. The article is dignified, reasonable, and entirely predictable, essentially a pièce justificative, adding nothing new to the controversy or to the original …