A Maddening Story

The Great Coalfield War

by George S. McGovern and Leonard F. Guttridge
An election for governor is underway in West Virginia this year and a young and rich man named John D. Rockefeller IV is running as a Democrat, and as a champion of coal miners and the poor. He wants to save the state from the ravages inflicted on land and …


Children of Crisis: Volume II, Migrants, Sharecroppers and Mountaineers

by Robert Coles

Children of Crisis: Volume III, The South Goes North

by Robert Coles
Robert Coles is a child psychiatrist and a man of insight and warm sympathy. These qualifications and ten years of hard and lonely work have enabled him to write a series of books for which the nation will owe him a lasting debt. These books deserve to rank with—and, indeed, …

Betrayal in the Mines

Death and the Mines

by Brit Hume
An ancient English ballad relates that “Toil is the lot of a coal miner’s life, and tears are the lot of a coal miner’s wife.” The naïve might suppose that in the old age of the twentieth century and after the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the Great Crusade, the …

The Appalachian Tragedy

Harlan Miners Speak National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners

Report on Terrorism in the Kentucky Coal Fields by Members of the

Coal Mining Health and Safety in West Virginia

by J. Davitt McAteer
Harlan Miners Speak, first published in the hunger-ridden November of 1931, is important for two reasons. It reminds a now affluent middle age of the horror of the Great Depression and preaches to the rebels of the Wood-stock generation a powerful sermon on this country’s capacity to punish and repress …