John K. Fairbank

John K. Fairbank (1907–1991) was an American sinologist. His final book was China: A New History.

History on the Wing

Golden Inches: The China Memoir of Grace Service

edited by John S. Service

December 20, 1990 issue

Keeping up with the New China

Discos and Democracy: China in the Throes of Reform

by Orville Schell

Seeds of Fire: Chinese Voices of Conscience

edited by Geremie Barmé, edited by John Minford

Peking Story: The Last Days of Old China

by David Kidd

Behind the Wall: A Journey Through China

by Colin Thubron

March 16, 1989 issue

Roots of Revolution

Ancestors: 900 Years in the Life of a Chinese Family

by Frank Ching

Half of Man Is Woman

by Zhang Xianliang, translated by Martha Avery

November 10, 1988 issue

Born Too Late

Born Too Late

The Last Emperor is a spectacular film photographed in brilliant color. It is also a moral drama with controversial political overtones of great ambiguity.

The Last Emperor

a film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

Twilight in the Forbidden City (1973), out of print

by Reginald F. Johnston. with a preface by the Emperor

From Emperor to Citizen: The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi

translated by W.J.F. Jenner

From Emperor to Citizen: The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi

reprinted with new general and chapter introductions by W.J.F. Jenner, afterword by Simon Winchester

The Last Emperor

by Edward Behr

The Last Manchu: The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China

translated by Kuo Ying Paul Tsai, edited, with a revised preface and epilogue and Paul Kramer

A Dream of Tartary: The Origins and Misfortunes of Henry Pu Yi

by Henry McAleavy

Pu Yi: J'étais empereur de Chine: L'autobiographie du dernier empereur de Chine (1906–1967)

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February 18, 1988 issue

The Chinese Behemoth

The Great Enterprise: The Manchu Reconstruction of Imperial Order in Seventeenth-Century China

by Frederic Wakeman Jr.

The Chinese Emperor

by Jean Lévi, translated by Barbara Bray

January 21, 1988 issue

Look Back in Anger

To the Storm: The Odyssey of a Revolutionary Chinese Woman

recounted by Yue Daiyun, written by Carolyn Wakeman

After the Nightmare: A Survivor of the Cultural Revolution Reports on China Today

by Liang Heng and Judith Shapiro

Warm Winds, Cold Winds: Intellectual Life in China Today

by Judith Shapiro and Liang Heng

The Cultural Revolution and Post-Mao Reforms: A Historical Perspective

by Tang Tsou

July 17, 1986 issue

Utopian Fevers

The Origins of the Cultural Revolution Vol 2: The Great Leap Forward, 1958-1960

by Roderick MacFarquhar

One Billion: A China Chronicle

by Jay Mathews and Linda Mathews

January 19, 1984 issue

Blind Obedience

Son of the Revolution

by Liang Heng and Judith Shapiro

May 12, 1983 issue

The Real Stuff

Kenkenroku: A Diplomatic Record of the Sino-Japanese War, 1894-1895 Press)

by Mutsu Munemitsu, edited and translated by Gordon Mark Berger

My Thirty-Three Years' Dream: The Autobiography of Miyazaki Toten

translated by Eto Shinkichi, translated by Marius B. Jansen

April 14, 1983 issue

‘Red’ or ‘Expert’?

Education Under Mao: Class and Competition in Canton Schools, 1960-1980

by Jonathan Unger

Competitive Comrades: Career Incentives and Student Strategies in China

by Susan L. Shirk

China's Intellectual Dilemma: Politics and University Enrolment, 1949-1978

by Robert Taylor

December 2, 1982 issue

China on the Rocks

China: Alive in the Bitter Sea

by Fox Butterfield

From the Center of the Earth: The Search for the Truth about China

by Richard Bernstein

May 27, 1982 issue

Drop by Drop

"Watch Out for the Foreign Guests!" China Encounters the West

by Orville Schell

April 16, 1981 issue

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