Kathleen M. Sullivan was until recently the Dean of Stanford Law School, where she has returned to the faculty as the Stanley Morrison Professor of Law. (September 2004)


What Happened to ‘Brown’?

Silent Covenants: Brown v. Board of Education and the Unfulfilled Hopes for Racial Reform

by Derrick Bell

Simple Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America's Struggle for Equality

by Richard Kluger, revised and expanded edition
The story of the Court’s 1954 decision in the four cases consolidated under the caption Brown v. Board of Education begins decades earlier in the 1920s and 1930s, when Thurgood Marshall and other lawyers for the NAACP, especially Charles Hamilton Houston, began to prepare a legal strategy that would challenge segregation by taking Plessy v. Ferguson, the infamous 1896 “separate but equal” decision, at its word.

Behind the Crimson Curtain

Closed Chambers: The First Eyewitness Account of the Epic Struggles Inside the Supreme Court

by Edward Lazarus
Whether or not it is the least dangerous branch of the federal government, the Supreme Court is surely the least visible. No television cameras cover its oral arguments; no floor debates or committee reports discuss its densely worded rulings; and the Justices bind themselves and their staffs, including the young …

Democracy and the Deficit

Among the rash of constitutional amendments recently proposed and taken seriously by Congress are two that would alter the way the federal government raises and spends money. Consideration of the balanced budget amendment has become an annual ritual—the House has passed it three times and it has lost in the …

The Hill-Thomas Mystery

Anita Hill

The Real Anita Hill: The Untold Story

by David Brock
Recall the scene before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the fall of 1991, when a nationwide television audience heard two irreconcilable accounts describing what happened between Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. Hill testified that Thomas had made sexual overtures to her and had talked of pornography when she worked for …