Thomas Eakins, Painter and Moralist

The Photographs of Thomas Eakins

by Gordon Hendricks
Some half century ago the grand exhibition of Thomas Eakins’s paintings at the Metropolitan Museum in November, 1917, gave America its first opportunity to take the measure of his art. Though William C. Brownell in an earlier report in Scribner’s Magazine had opened the way, this belated showing of his …

The Scholar as Activist

J.E. Spingarn

by Marshall Van Deusen
No one could write an adequate account of American letters during the first thirty years of this century without discussing the work and influence of Joel Elias Spingarn. Yet it is only now, a whole generation after his death in 1939, that the first preliminary estimate of his achievements has …

A Universal Man

William Morris: His Life, Work and Friends

by Philip Henderson, with a Foreword by Allan Temko

The Work of William Morris

by Paul Thompson
William Morris is about the last Victorian figure, one would think, who could appeal to the present age; for the fashionable oppish and poppish forms of non-art today bear as much resemblance to the exuberant creativity of Morris’s designs as the noise of a premeditated fart bears to a trumpet …