The Myth of Barry Goldwater

Barry Goldwater

by Robert Alan Goldberg

Goldwater: The Man Who Made A Revolution

by Lee Edwards
The Republicans’ capture of the House and Senate in November 1994, and the possibility of a lasting realignment in their favor as the new majority party, have made an accurate understanding of the evolution of the GOP indispensable to an understanding of modern American politics. The Republican right, savoring its …

On Pat Robertson His Defenders

In its February 2 issue, The New York Review published my article on Pat Robertson’s 1991 book, The New World Order. In it, I showed that the founder and the leader of the Christian Coalition proposes that modern world history has been largely determined by a two-centuries-old conspiracy by Bavarian …

Rev. Robertson’s Grand International Conspiracy Theory

The New World Order

by Pat Robertson
Reverend Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson is the founder and leader of the most powerful grass-roots movement in American politics today. The Christian Coalition, a tax-exempt and supposedly nonpartisan institution founded after Robertson’s run for the Republican nomination in 1988, claims over a million members and 1.8 million households on its …