Paula Fox has won numerous prizes, including a PEN award for her memoir Borrowed Finery. Her latest book, News from the World: Stories and Essays, was published in April. (June 2011)


Love and Murder in Witless Bay

Howard Norman, East Calais, Vermont, 2000

What Is Left the Daughter

by Howard Norman
When you read a novel by Howard Norman, you enter into a very particular world. That of course is one of the oldest pleasures novels afford. You lived for a while with Robinson Crusoe on his island as his only companion. Narratives before Defoe were episodes loosely strung together. Shakespeare’s plays are “worldly” in the sense we mean; Samuel Beckett’s aren’t. The sense of being in a world requires something more than immediacy. With Henry James’s novels you are in the close atmosphere of the personal relations of a couple, a group, a circle. A world needs defining limits.

Light on the Dark Side

L. J. Davis at his former town house, Brooklyn, April 2009

A Meaningful Life

by L.J. Davis, with an introduction by Jonathan Lethem
One Manhattan mid-morning in the spring of 1967, I heard the crack of a gun going off below, along the broad reach of Central Park West. I jumped up from the table where I was working on my second novel and looked down five stories to the street, on the …