Good Witches

The Night Battles: Witchcraft and Agrarian Cults in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

by Carlo Ginzburg, translated by John Tedeschi and Anne Tedeschi

La sorcière de Jasmin

by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
When, in 1967, Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper published a lively essay on what he called “The European Witch-Craze of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries,” he can hardly have guessed that he was summarizing and synthesizing the conventional historical wisdom on the subject at the very time that this conventional view was …

The Doge’s Secrets

The Pope, His Banker, and Venice

by Felix Gilbert
Historians are already trying to assess the cultural consequences of the diaspora of the 1930s, and especially the effects on local traditions (of architecture, say, or economics) of the arrival in the United States, Britain, and elsewhere of so many artists and intellectuals from Central Europe. It is salutary to …

Back to Burckhardt

Renaissance Man

by Agnes Heller, translated by Richard E. Allen

Power and Imagination: City-States in Renaissance Italy

by Lauro Martines
What is the best introduction to Renaissance Italy? “Burckhardt, alas!” remains the most appropriate answer to that question. After a hundred and twenty years of intensive research into the subject, it is something of a scandal to have to recommend The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy as an introduction.