Richard C. Lewontin

Richard C. Lewontin is Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology and Professor of Biology at Harvard University. He is the author of The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change and Biology as Ideology, and the co-author of The Dialectical Biologist (with Richard Levins) and Not in Our Genes (with Steven Rose and Leon Kamin).

The New Synthetic Biology: Who Gains?

The New Synthetic Biology: Who Gains?

Biology’s Brave New World: The Promise and Perils of the Synbio Revolution

by Laurie Garrett

The Principles for the Oversight of Synthetic Biology

by the Friends of the Earth US, the International Center for Technology Assessment, and the ETC Group

May 8, 2014 issue

Why Darwin?

Why Darwin?

Darwin's Origin of Species: A Biography

by Janet Browne

The Annotated Origin: A Facsimile of the First Edition of On the Origin of Species

by Charles Darwin, annotated by James T. Costa

Why Evolution Is True

by Jerry A. Coyne

It Takes a Genome: How a Clash Between Our Genes and Modern Life Is Making Us Sick

by Greg Gibson

May 28, 2009 issue

The Triumph of Stephen Jay Gould

The Triumph of Stephen Jay Gould

The Richness of Life: The Essential Stephen Jay Gould

edited by Steven Rose, with a foreword by Oliver Sacks

Punctuated Equilibrium

by Stephen Jay Gould

February 14, 2008 issue

Dishonesty in Science

Scientific Integrity in Policymaking: An Investigation into the Bush Administration's Misuse of Science

a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists

The Great Betrayal: Fraud in Science

by Horace Freeland Judson

November 18, 2004 issue

Science and Simplicity

Science and Simplicity

Making Sense of Life: Explaining Biological Development with Models, Metaphors, and Machines

by Evelyn Fox Keller

Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA

by Brenda Maddox

Watson and DNA: Making a Scientific Revolution

by Victor K. McElheny

DNA: The Secret of Life

by James D. Watson, with Andrew Berry

May 1, 2003 issue

The Politics of Science

Science, Truth, and Democracy

by Philip Kitcher

Science, Money, and Politics:Political Triumph and Ethical Erosion

by Daniel S. Greenberg

Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution

by Francis Fukuyama

May 9, 2002 issue

Genes in the Food!

The Ecological Risks ofEngineered Crops

Jane Rissler and Margaret Mellon

Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply

Vandana Shiva

Pandora's Picnic Basket: The Potential and Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods

Alan McHughen

Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants: Science and Regulation

a report by the Committee on Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants, Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources, National Research Council

June 21, 2001 issue

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