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ARENA, a group show curated by Raymond Meeks, showcases the work of eleven students in the photography MFA program at Hartford Art School. Among the selections are a group of pictures from Jenia Fridlyand’s series “Entrance to Our Valley,” which captures moments in the life of an Eastern European Jewish family as they build a home on a Hudson Valley farm: a man reading in bed; a herd of sheep huddling around a tree; flies accumulating on a hanging trap; a woman on a porch holding a mirror between Fridlyand’s camera and her face. (The sequence was loosely inspired by Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard.) Other featured work includes Ricardo Tzichinovsky’s photographs from a wealthy and highly fortified neighborhood in Santiago, Cody Holcombe’s landscapes pictures of roadside construction sites, and Sanne Vils Axelsen’s images of contemporary Denmark. 

For more information visit hartfordphotomfa2016.com

Category: Exhibition
Camera Club of New York
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New York, NY