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The New York Review of Books is available for institutions and public libraries providing library patrons, researchers, and employees with unlimited simultaneous access to over 60 years’ worth of fully searchable material (including over 1,200 back issues and over 25,000 articles, reviews, letters and original essays). The New York Review of Books archives are a valuable resource for all booklovers including scholars, students, and writers.

For Institutions

  Big library
(over 3,500 FTE)
Savings Small library
(under 3,500 FTE)
1 year $1,200 $975
3 years $3,200 ($1067/year) 11% $2,590 ($863/year) 11%
5 years $4,675 ($935/year) 22% $3,795 ($759/year) 22%

Public Library Pricing

Population Served Annual Rate
Less than 100,000 $150
100,000–399,999 $200
400,000–749,999 $400
over 750,000 $975

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