F Train.jpg

Travis Ruse/

F Train, Smith & 9th Street, 6:35pm

A poem for the Brooklyn Book Festival

The F train
Is the brain train.

iPad lasciate,
Voi ch’intrate,
Eve’s backlit apple,
Gold ‘n delicious,
Tempts us not.
We have spines to break,
Penguins to tame.

Thou user!
Thou blue of tooth!
Thou faceless face,
That hath no book!

@ us, towns talk & captions contest
While black-rimmed dandies
Wink at the straphangers
Who grin at the infinite jest.

But banished shalt thou be
Back into space,
No means of return,
No options, commands, or escape,

While we, the Brooklyn d’élite,
Knuckles bared, planted feet,
Bend dead trees at will
And inspect our kill.

Recycle that, battery boy.
I got your charger right here.

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