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Palestine: The End of the Bedouins? (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

Dec 7, 2016
It also means that a Palestinian population of some 15,000 Bedouins who are settled in the valley is

Obama & Palestine: The Last Chance (NYR Daily)

Nathan Thrall

Sep 10, 2016
Barack Obama entered the White House more deeply informed about and sympathetic to the Palestinian cause

Red and Blue Agony (NYR Daily)

Elizabeth Drew

May 26, 2016
To take one example, the Sanders appointments include at least two strong supporters of the Palestinians

The Middle East: World Crisis? A Conference (Event)

May 19, 2016
of Rabbis for Human Rights since 2005, and as a lawyer she has litigated property rights cases for Palestinians

2016: When the Rules Change the Game (NYR Daily)

Elizabeth Drew

Apr 20, 2016
The most loaded difference that came up in the debate was over how to deal with Israel and the Palestinians

Jordan: How Close to Danger? (NYR Daily)

Joost Hiltermann

Mar 29, 2016
Jordan, unlike Syria and Lebanon, granted citizenship to Palestinian refugees during an earlier era,

Jerusalem: Why Should Things Not Get Worse? (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

Nov 4, 2015
Whether you are Jewish Israeli or Palestinian, there is a sense of lurking danger, random, episodic,

Syria: The Threat of Indifference (NYR Daily)

Hugh Eakin

Aug 6, 2015
Hamakurdi, a woman from Aleppo whose family had taken refuge in Shatila, the extremely poor, decades-old Palestinian

Gaza: Killing Gets Easier (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

May 29, 2015
and middle-level officers, the report revealed that the large number of civilian casualties on the Palestinian

Israel: The Stark Truth (NYR Daily)

David Shulman

Mar 21, 2015
and that will further deepen Israel’s colonial venture in the Palestinian territories, probably irreversibly