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Martin Gardner

The Quack Detector

Stephen Jay Gould

Feb 4, 1982
For more than thirty years, Martin Gardner has played this largely thankless role with tireless efficiency

A Letter from Uri Geller (Letter)

Uri Geller

Oct 14, 2010
To the Editors: On February 4, 1982, Stephen Jay Gould reviewed Martin Gardner's book entitled Science

Not a Mountebank (Letter)

Lynn E. Rose

Oct 25, 1979
To the Editors: For over a quarter of a century, Martin Gardner has been taking cheap shots, grossly

Pioneer (Letter)

Adam Smith

Jan 22, 1976
To the Editors: Martin Gardner implies, in his review of Powers of Mind [NYR, December 11], that I wrote

An Infinity of Points (Letter)

Howard Stein

Mar 3, 1988
To the Editors: …Martin Gardner, in his review of books by Eli Maor and Rudy Rucker [NYR, December 3

The Michelson-Morley Experiment (Letter)

Philip Taylor

May 12, 1988
To the Editors: In his review titled "Secrets of the Old One" [NYR, December 4, 1986], Martin Gardner

Only Joking (Letter)

John Gribbin

Dec 8, 1977
This seems to have happened with Martin Gardner's recent review (NYR, September 29) of a bumper bundle

Sandra’s Math Block (Letter)

Ruth M. Heaton

Dec 3, 1998
To the Editors: I am the author of the case of "Sandra," one of the cases of fifth-grade teachers Martin

Ghosts & Poltergeists (Letter)

Martin Gardner

Jun 15, 1989
To the Editors: I have just seen Martin Gardner's attack [Letters, NYR, February 16] on my two articles