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On Kafka

Václav Havel

Sep 27, 1990
long and intimate affinity with one of the great sons of the Jewish people, the Prague writer Franz Kafka

A Different Kafka

John Banville

Oct 24, 2013
What are we to make of Kafka?

Ending at the Beginning

John Banville

Aug 17, 2017
estate in Israel, during which access to the materials it contained, many of which bore directly on Kafka’s

The Cult of Saint Franz

Francine Prose

Oct 27, 2016
The process of Kafka’s “canonization” is thought to have begun with his literary executor, Max Brod,

Kafka’s Love Letters

Franz Kafka

Oct 4, 1973
Felice felt Kafka to be uncanny and out of step with everyday life.

Chasing Paper

Robert Darnton

Dec 6, 2012
Paper in all its materiality provides the starting point of Ben Kafka’s bright and sparkling study of

Kafka Up Close

Frederick C. Crews

Feb 10, 2005
The puppet regime of Sovietized Czechoslovakia underlined that contrast by banning Kafka's works and

Kafka: Translators on Trial

J.M. Coetzee

May 14, 1998
Edwin had been reading Franz Kafka's posthumously published Das Schloss.


Matthew Hodgart

Apr 10, 1969
Kafka's drawings, said to be newly discovered and now published for the first time, are witty, disturbing

F. Kafka, Everyman

Zadie Smith

Jul 17, 2008
Kafka's case, though, extends beyond literary mystique.