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Who’s Afraid of the Palestinians?

Hussein Agha

Feb 10, 2011
Palestinians have looked for other nonviolent options.

Israel and the Palestinians

Sana Hassan

Nov 14, 1974
In the spring issue of the Journal of Palestinian Studies the Palestinian writer Fawaz Turki suggests

Palestinians: The Crisis in Medical Care

Richard Horton

Mar 15, 2007
The debris of Palestinian life lines the road into Gaza City.

Camp David: The Tragedy of Errors

Robert Malley

Aug 9, 2001
an active part in Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Hamas: The Last Chance for Peace?

Henry Siegman

Apr 27, 2006
Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian prime minister] will not kill thousands of Palestinians in

Friends and Enemies

Bernard Avishai

Feb 5, 1981
The Palestinian nation, according to its current leaders, is not the product of the Palestinians' particular

Israel & the US: The Delusions of Our Diplomacy

Nathan Thrall

Oct 9, 2014
the West Bank, and dividing the Palestinian polity.

What Future for Israel?

Nathan Thrall

Aug 15, 2013
Israel would annex 6.3 percent of Palestinian territory, compensating the Palestinians with Israeli lands

Woman of the Year

Avi Shlaim

Jun 8, 1995
Hanan Ashrawi, the spokesperson for the Palestinian delegation.

Israel and the Arafat Question

Robert Malley

Oct 7, 2004
refugees, or whether the Palestinians would have a state.