Ruth Franklin, the author of A Thousand Darknesses: Lies and Truth in Holocaust Fiction, is at work on a biography of Shirley Jackson.
 (August 2015)

Forced into a Double Life

Roger Cohen, New York City, 2009
In The Girl from Human Street, Roger Cohen, a New York Times columnist whose previous books have investigated the stories of American POWs under the Nazis and the fate of four families in the former Yugoslavia, seeks to excavate the forces, both historical and personal, that shaped his own family.

The Beauty of a Hermetic, Corrupt World

The Dutch trading settlement on the artificial island of Dejima, Nagasaki Bay, Japan, 1804
One of the characters in Ghostwritten, David Mitchell’s first novel, is a “noncorpum”: a disembodied spirit that travels the earth as a parasite on its human hosts. Restlessly seeking a clue to its own origin, it scours their consciousnesses, assimilates their knowledge and experiences as its own, and then transmigrates …