Jonathan Freedland is an editorial-page columnist for The ­Guardian. In 2014 he was awarded the Orwell Special Prize for Journalism. (September 2016)


Reality TV in Cleveland

Delegates at the Republican National Convention after the announcement that there would not be a roll-call vote on the Convention Rules Committee's report and proposed rules changes, Cleveland, Ohio, July 18, 2016

Trump’s candidacy rests on his experience as a business leader, on the notion that he is the CEO ready to run America, Inc. What he has demonstrated so far at the Republican convention in Cleveland is not deviation from an ideological norm, but simple ineptitude. And for a would-be chief executive to the nation, that’s not a good look.


A Howl of Rage

Michael Gove and Boris Johnson
Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has plunged the country into its greatest crisis since 1945. It prompted the immediate resignation of the prime minister and a revolt against the leader of the opposition, leaving both main parties headless. It plunged the economy into a nosedive, as the pound …

Maggie & the Storm Over Europe

Margaret Thatcher, the new leader of the Conservative Party, campaigning for England to remain part of the European Economic Community, June 1975

Margaret Thatcher: At Her Zenith: In London, Washington and Moscow

by Charles Moore
In early February, before the date had even been set for the June 23 referendum that will decide whether Britain remains a member of the European Union, the governing Conservative Party began a fight with itself over how Margaret Thatcher would have voted. Her former private secretary Charles Powell (pronounced …

The Best Man Among Us

Tony Judt, New York City, 2006

When the Facts Change: Essays, 1995–2010

by Tony Judt, edited and with an introduction by Jennifer Homans
Freedom from dogma is the golden thread that runs through When the Facts Change, a collection of Tony Judt’s essays—many of them first published in The New York Review—from 1995 until his premature death in 2010, aged sixty-two, from Lou Gehrig’s disease. The volume is staggeringly broad in its range, testament to the extraordinary eclecticism of Judt’s interests and knowledge.


A World in Doubt

Rota naval base, Spain, July 10, 2016

Europe’s most strident populists and chauvinists are thrilled by the Trump victory. But the overwhelming sentiment animating European and global responses to the US election is fear. In the chancelleries of Europe, it already has two distinct forms: fear over what Trump will do and fear over what his victory might mean closer to home.

Why Is Assange Helping Trump?

Why has WikiLeaks devoted itself exclusively to the release of documents that might damage Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump? Some speculate that Julian Assange hopes he would be treated leniently by a Trump administration. Others suspect the heart of the matter is the Russian connection: Assange, like Trump, seems strikingly comfortable with Putin. He also has a long-running grievance against Clinton.

The End of Republicanism?

Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Tiffany Trump, on the third day of the Republican National Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 20, 2016

After the convention, many Republicans are worried that Trumpism does not respect the prudent, cautious, free-market conservatism they value. Trump is turning his back on decades of Republican Party doctrine and, for millennials especially, making the Republican Party a “toxic brand.”

From Brexit to Trump?

A mural showing Donald Trump sharing a kiss with former London Mayor and leading Brexit supporter Boris Johnson, Bristol, England, May 24, 2016

Brexit suggests that when the white, poor, angry, and left-behind constituency can be allied to a conservative cause that has millions of other, more ideologically-motivated devotees, victory is possible. It suggests that hostility to migrants, a cynical trampling on the truth, and a cavalier disdain for expertise can work wonders, such is the loathing of anything that can be associated with the “elite.”