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Science Fiction from the December 12, 1963 issue

To the Editors:

I am sure that poet John Hollander, as an old patron of the Nemo, knows that you learn as much about life from the movies as you do watching any other shadows on any other wall. He should therefore be smart enough to know that you are not going to learn anything about literature from science fiction. Narrative murk, indeed! Critical kitsch! If this kind of thing must be done, why not compare Voyage to Arcturus with Prelelandra on one level, with The Worm Ouraboros on another? There would be a Contribution! And I might also suggest reading a little more (and certainly a little better) in the original and relying a little less on Kingsley Amis’s unintentionally misleading maps to this particular hell, but to what end? Mr. Hollander would appear not to know the proper uses of science fiction—or of criticism. His innocent but chilly blast will no doubt aid, comfort, and sustain the Snowmen.

After successfully negotiating the donnée and while in the process of plodding grimly through the medias res, however, this aficionado has finally stumbled over the anagnorisis: the cat is troping! Yes, man! Oh, yes! Mutatis mutandis, this could be one hilarious critico!

Oskar Anderson

New York City

This Issue

January 23, 1964