To the Editors:

We are interested in assembling an ad hoc group of Columbia Alumni living in or commuting to Manhattan. Our purpose is to act in support of campus SDS and other activities that seek to protect academic freedom from military-industrial corruption. We have no objection to Generals Hershey or Edwin Walker or Dow Chemical addressing public assemblies; we do object to the compromising of the campus by allowing it to be used for the recruitment of individuals to such criminal activity as membership in the CIA or the manufacture and distribution of napalm.

We propose that an action squad of as many alumni as possible be formed, of whom at least 25-40 can always be counted on to assemble on campus on telephone notice, prepared to lock arms and risk arrest, if need be, to help drive criminal elements off the campus. The duty and responsibility and danger should not be that of the militant students alone. Please send your name and phone number if you wish to participate; send no funds as there is no point to it unless we get enough of a response.

Columbia Alumni Vigilance Committee

Address all mail to:

P.O. Box M, Rockville Centre,

N.Y. 11571.

This Issue

January 4, 1968