To the Editors:

Robert Lowell has proposed “a national day of mourning, or better our own day of mourning, for the people we have sent into misery.” As part of Academic Days of Conscience, April 15-16, which Resist is helping to organize on 1000 campuses throughout the country, there will be a commemoration of all the men and women, American and Vietnamese, who have died in the war. April 15 is a peculiarly appropriate date: the day after Easter, the third day of Passover, war tax day.

Besides such commemorations, different campuses will hold very different kinds of events: some will have mock courts on the problems of war, law, and conscience; others will devote an entire day’s classes to the relationship of the war to the subject matter of the course; others will hold field trips to draft boards, induction stations, and military bases, at which students can study the impact of the war on domestic society.

Those of your readers interested in participating in or helping to organize these events should write to Resist, Room 4, 763 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 02139.

Paul Lauter

National Director


Cambridge, Massachusetts

This Issue

April 11, 1968