How the School System is Rigged for Failure

There has hardly been a time during the last 150 years when Americans were not being told that the schools were at a “turning point,” “confronted with a crucial challenge,” “entering an era of new importance.” At the same time, they have forever been at the edge of failure. Indeed, …

Reflections on a Political Trial

With the conviction and sentencing of four of the five defendants, the first phase in the Boston conspiracy trial has ended and a good moment has come for some consideration of the significance of the so-called “Spock case,” of what it means for the “peace movement,” and what it tells …

The Draft and Its Opposition

The Draft? A Report Prepared for the Peace Education Division of the American Friends Service Committee

How to End the Draft: The Case for an All-Volunteer Army

Congressmen Horton, Schweiker, Shriver, Stafford and Whalen, edited by Douglas Bailey, edited by Steve Herbits
During the last few years critics have been calling for reforms of the draft or for its end, some suggesting in its place either a volunteer army or a system of national service. The Marshall Commission Report, for example, proposed ending college deferments and calling men by lottery, rather …