“Ami Police”: A Story

“An impressive row of necklaces dangled from her neck, and in terror I noticed, shining like diamonds, roughly sewn onto tiny lockets along each chain, dozens of small eyes crowned with minuscule mirror shards.”

Agreeing to Our Harm

We ignore at our peril the rage that animates Trump voters and threatens Biden’s chances this fall.

The High Irish Style

John McGahern sought formality and distance in his prose, but his masterful novels were always underpinned by the difficult realities of his own life.

Reimagining the Ordinary

The French artist Jean Hélion approached painting with a philosophical precision, each style a hypothesis to be investigated and tested.

Jean Hélion: La Prose du monde

an exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, March 22–August 18, 2024

A Story of His Own

Percival Everett’s James retells The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from Jim’s perspective, showing a world hidden from Mark Twain’s white characters.


by Percival Everett

Like ‘Being Friends with a Hurricane’

For the fixers, enablers, and vassals who surround Donald Trump, the rewards of his friendship are not worth the risks.

The Watercolorist

The short fiction of Ángel Bonomini possesses a lightness that sets him apart from contemporaries like Borges and Cortázar.

The Novices of Lerna

by Ángel Bonomini, translated from the Spanish by Jordan Landsman

A Sacred Scripture of Doubt

A new book by Gary Saul Morson tells how Russian realist fiction foretold, frustrated, and outlived the Bolshevik quest for certainty.

Wonder Confronts Certainty: Russian Writers on the Timeless Questions and Why Their Answers Matter

by Gary Saul Morson

More Than Just Acknowledgments

Tommy Orange’s novels document the shifting balance between the blessings and curses of modern Native life, most of which have been in operation since long before the characters were born.

Wandering Stars

by Tommy Orange

There There

by Tommy Orange

Crimes of War in Gaza

Civilians in Gaza are in grave danger from Israel’s disregard for international law.

“Scribbling”: A Story

“She ordered a coffee and a box of twelve doughnuts in the interest of research. The place was really rather good for scribbling. It was awfully nice, actually, not having to worry.”

Reading Against the Novel

In hundreds of essays and reviews, the nineteenth-century lawyer and judge James Fitzjames Stephen considered the novel’s effects on society at a time when it was becoming the dominant form of entertainment.

Selected Writings of James Fitzjames Stephen: On the Novel and Journalism

edited by Christopher Ricks

The Kitsch Abyss

Jonathan Glazer’s The Zone of Interest puts all its faith in cinematic technique and forfeits much of the meaning in Martin Amis’s 2014 novel.

The Zone of Interest

a film written and directed by Jonathan Glazer

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Iris de Moüy, 2024
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Georgie McAusland: Trimmings, 2024

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