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San Francisco State from the August 1, 1968 issue

To the Editors:

Not only are the allegations made by Anatole Anton and his ten colleagues in your August 1 issue false, but these charges have been made before (some of them repeatedly) and been proven false publicly. Much in the manner of the McCarthyites (Joe) and their puppets (Charlie), Anton et al. seem convinced that if mud is hurled often enough, some of it will stick.

The history department at San Francisco State College would welcome investigation by the AAUP or any other organization dedicated to academic freedom. We have, indeed, been investigated and cleared by the American Federation of Teachers, of which Anton is a member, I believe.

It would now seem that the only course left open to our department is a legal suit against Anton et al. for libel.

Joseph E. Illick

Associate Professor of History

San Francisco State College

This Issue

August 22, 1968