To the Editors:

On Easter Sunday there will be a vigil of people from various communities of faith outside the White House. The participants—jews, Christians, religious humanists, and others—will be conducting a public fast. Their vigil will be part of a Lenten-Passover activity lasting from Ash Wednesday, February 11, until the end of Passover, April 28.

Those who take part in the public fast will be publicly identifying themselves as part of the community of people through out the nation who believe they must act with unprecedented seriousness to stop the continuing policies of genocide in Vietnam and bring about immediate US withdrawal.

We have no illusions that this one action will create the final public outcry that will stop the war. We know that other actions of protest and resistance must be continued. But we do believe this will be an important chance for people of different traditions to come together in an attempt to understand the struggle that must be waged, and to commit themselves to it.

We invite readers to join us by fasting in Washington (the focus is the White House, but it can branch out); or in their home communities at the Draft Board or Federal Building. Many people will do both, first joining a delegation from their state to Washington for one or more days of vigil, Congressional visits, and meetings; and then returning home to carry it on. Some people will fast for the period they are in Washington; some for longer; many will miss a meal every Wednesday.

The money people save by not buying this food will go in equal parts to: 1) the Canadian Friends Service Committee for transmission as medical aid to all the Vietnams; 2) to the National Welfare Rights Organization and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; 3) to help cover the costs for the projects incurred by the two national sponsoring organizations, the Fellowship of Reconciliation and Clergy and Laymen Concerned about Vietnam.

For information contact:


Metropolitan AME Church

1518 M Street, NW

Washington, DC

(202) 223-2137

Allan Brick

National Program Director

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Richard R. Fernandez


Clergy and Laymen

Concerned about Vietnam

This Issue

March 12, 1970