Marks of a Buddha

The Confessions of Aleister Crowley

edited by John Symonds, edited by Kenneth Grant

Rembrandt Now

Rembrandt: The Complete Edition of the Paintings

by Abraham Bredius, 3rd edition revised by Horst Gerson

Rembrandt Paintings

by Horst Gerson


by Joseph-Emile Muller, translated by Brian Hooley

Rembrandt: Life and Work

by Jakob Rosenberg

Rembrandt As An Etcher

by Christopher White


by Michael Kitson

Rembrandt: His Life, His Work, His Time

by Bob Haak, translated by Elizabeth Willems Treeman

Rembrandt in Amsterdam

by R.H. Fuchs, translated by Patricia Wardle, translated by Alan Griffiths

Rembrandt's "Aristotle" and Other Rembrandt Studies

by Julius Held

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The Uncompleted Dossier

Travels with My Aunt

by Graham Greene

Blind Love, and Other Stories

by V.S. Pritchett

After the Avant-Garde

The Theory of the Avant-Garde

by Renato Poggioli, translated by Gerald Fitzgerald

The Art of Time: Essays on the Avant-Garde

by Michael Kirby

The Eclipse of the Intellectual

by Elémire Zolla, translated by Raymond Rosenthal


by Frank Kermode

Histoire de l'avant-garde en peinture

by Germain Bazin

The Avant-Garde in Painting

by Germain Bazin, translated by Simon Watson Taylor

Historia de las literaturas de vanguardia

by Guillermo de Torre

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Vodou Power

Papa Doc: The Truth About Haiti Today

by Bernard Diedrich and Al Burt

The Haitian People

by James Leyburn, with a new Introduction by Sidney Mintz

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