Nigel Dennis

Nigel Dennis (1912–1989) was an English writer, critic and editor. His books include Boys and Girls Come Out to Play and An Essay on Malta.

Fabricated Man

The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh

edited by Michael Davie

December 8, 1977 issue

How Not to Be a Critic

Transatlantic Patterns: Cultural Comparisons of England with America

by Martin Green

August 4, 1977 issue

Mad About the Boy

Mad About the Boy

Remembered Laughter: The Life of Noel Coward

by Cole Lesley

January 20, 1977 issue

I Bite Everywhere

I Bite Everywhere

Guignol's Band

by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, translated by Bernard Frechtman, translated by Jack T. Nile

Voyeur Voyant

by Erika Ostrovsky

Castle to Castle

by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, translated by Ralph Manheim


by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, translated by Ralph Manheim

February 10, 1972 issue



The Peopled Wound: The Work of Harold Pinter

by Martin Esslin

Harold Pinter: The Poetics of Silence

by James R. Hollis

Landscape and Silence

by Harold Pinter

December 17, 1970 issue

Marks of a Buddha

Marks of a Buddha

The Confessions of Aleister Crowley

edited by John Symonds, edited by Kenneth Grant

March 12, 1970 issue

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