Frances A. Yates

Frances A. Yates (1899–1981) was an English historian. She taught for many years at The Warburg Institute, where she studied the history of esotericism in the West.

A Magical Critic

Form and Meaning: Essays on the Renaissance and Modern Art

by Robert Klein, translated by Madeline Jay and Leon Wieseltier, with a foreword by Henri Zerner

February 21, 1980 issue

The Fear of the Occult

Symphorien Champier and the Reception of the Occultist Tradition in Renaissance France (Berlin/New York)

by Brian P. Copenhaver

November 22, 1979 issue

Broken Images

The Reformation of Images: Destruction of Art in England, 1535-1660

by John Phillips

May 30, 1974 issue

A Great Magus

John Dee: The World of an Elizabethan Magus

by Peter J. French

"John Dee e il suo sapere"

by Furio Jesi

The Occult Sciences in the Renaissance: A Study in Intellectual Patterns

by Wayne Shumaker

January 25, 1973 issue

The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh

Rabelais and His World

by Mikhail Bakhtin, translated by Helene Iswolsky

October 9, 1969 issue

Bacon and the Menace of English Lit

Francis Bacon and Renaissance Prose

by Brian Vickers

The Eloquent "I": Style and Self in Seventeenth-Century Prose

by Joan Webber

March 27, 1969 issue


The Life and Works of Louis Le Roy

by Werner L. Gundersheimer

August 24, 1967 issue

Not a Machiavellian


by Giuseppe Prezzolini, translated by Gioconda Savini

June 15, 1967 issue

Paradox and Paradise

The Race of Time

by Herschel Baker

Paradoxia Epidemica: The Renaissance Tradition of Paradox

by Rosalie L. Colie

The Earthly Paradise and the Renaissance Epic

by A. Bartlett Giamatti

February 23, 1967 issue

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