To the Editors:

In May of this year, a large—indeed the only significant—national student strike happened in this country. At its peak, student bodies at colleges and universities with over half the students in the nation struck to protest domestic political repression, the Indochina war, and university complicity in war activities.

Some students at Brandeis University established themselves as the National Strike Information Center, collecting news of strike activities and publishing frequent newsletters to inform participating schools and interested others of strike activities throughout the country.

Telephone and printing bills were accumulated to the figure of about $9,000. Students have raised $6,000 of this sum. We are a faculty support group, acting as individuals and not in the name of the University; we urge sympathetic New York Review readers—and we expect there are many—to help defray the costs of the worthy NSIC endeavor. Suggested contribution is $20, but any sum greater or lesser will of course be appreciated. Please make checks payable to the National Strike Information Center and send to Gordon Fellman, Sociology Department, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts 02154.

Gordon Fellman

Brandeis University

Waltham, Mass.

This Issue

October 8, 1970