Russell, Radicalism, and Reason

The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell Volume III

by Bertrand Russell

Irresistible Dickens

The World of Charles Dickens

by Angus Wilson

Dickens the Craftsman: Strategies of Presentation

edited by Robert B. Partlow Jr.

The English Novel from Dickens to Lawrence

by Raymond Williams

Dickens 1970

edited by Michael Slater

Charles Dickens' Uncollected Writings from Household Words

edited by Harry Stone

The Moral Art of Dickens (to be published later this fall)

by Barbara Hardy

The Inimitable Dickens

by A.E. Dyson

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Gooney Bird

The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh

with an Introduction by William Jovanovich

At Sea with Ernest Hemingway

Islands in the Stream

by Ernest Hemingway

Conservative Man

Politics and the Social Sciences

edited by Seymour Martin Lipset

Student Politics

edited by Seymour Martin Lipset

Students in Revolt

edited by Seymour Martin Lipset, edited by Philip G. Altbach

The Politics of Unreason: Right-Wing Extremism in America, 1790-1970

by Seymour Martin Lipset and Earl Raab

Political Order in Changing Societies

by Samuel P. Huntington

O Calcutta!

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

edited by Robert Latham, edited by William Matthews. contributing editors: and William A. Armstrong and MacDonald Emslie and Oliver Miller and the late T.F Reddaway

Moth Myth


by Henri Charrière, translated by June P. Wilson, translated by Walter Benn Michaels

Les Quatre Vérités de Papillon

by Georges Ménager

Papillon Épinglé

by Gérard de Villiers

Martin Luther King’s Second Assassination

The King God Didn't Save

by John A. Williams

Rabbit Stew

Frederick the Great

by Nancy Mitford

Frederick the Great

by Gerhard Ritter, translated and with an Introduction by Peter Paret

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