J.H. Plumb

J.H. Plumb (1911–2001) was a British historian. He taught at Cambridge and Columbia. Plumb was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1968 and was knighted in 1982. His works include England in the Eighteenth Century, The Making of a Historian,and The American Experience.

Franklin’s Mint

A Little Revenge: Benjamin Franklin and His Son

by Willard Sterne Randall

November 7, 1985 issue

Very Heaven

The Montgolfier Brothers and the Invention of Aviation, 1783-1784

by Charles Coulston Gillispie

November 10, 1983 issue

Un-Kinglike King

Un-Kinglike King

Royal Charles: Charles II and the Restoration

by Antonia Fraser

December 20, 1979 issue

Easy Living

Life in the English Country House: A Social and Architectural History

by Mark Girouard

October 26, 1978 issue

The Rise of Love

The Family, Sex and Marriage in England: 1500-1800

by Lawrence Stone

November 24, 1977 issue

Ravaged by Common Sense

Ravaged by Common Sense

Benjamin Franklin: A Biography in His Own Words

edited by Thomas Fleming

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

edited by Leonard W. Labaree, edited by Ralph L. Ketcham, edited by Helen C. Boatfield, edited by Helene M. Fineman

Road to Revolution: Benjamin Franklin in England, 1765-1775

by Cecil B. Currey

Code 72
Ben Franklin: Patriot or Spy?

by Cecil B. Currey

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin

edited by Leonard W. Labaree, edited by William B. Willcox

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April 19, 1973 issue

From Peking to Rome

Madly Singing in the Mountains: An Appreciation and Anthology of Arthur Waley

edited by Ivan Morris

Rebellion and Its Enemies in Late Imperial China: Militarization and Social Structure, 1796-1864

by Philip A. Kuhn

The Rise of Modern China

by Immanuel C.Y. Hsü

The China Reader, Vol I, Imperial China

by Franz Schurmann and Orville Schell

The China Reader, Vol II, Republican China

by Franz Schurmann and Orville Schell

The China Reader, Vol III, Communist China

by Franz Schurmann and Orville Schell

The Religions of the Roman Empire

by John Ferguson


by Ramsay MacMullen

Rome: The Center of Power

by Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli

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February 25, 1971 issue

Rabbit Stew

Frederick the Great

by Nancy Mitford

Frederick the Great

by Gerhard Ritter, translated and with an Introduction by Peter Paret

October 8, 1970 issue

Plantation Power

The World the Slaveholders Made

by Eugene D. Genovese

Slavery in the New World: A Reader in Comparative History

edited by Laura Foner, edited by Eugene D. Genovese

February 26, 1970 issue

Farmers in Arms

Captain Swing

by Rudé George and E.J. Hobsbawm

William Cobbett, His Thought and His Times

by John W. Osborne

The English Jacobins

by Carl B. Cone

June 19, 1969 issue

The Bourgeois Take-Over

The Bourgeois, Catholicism vs Capitalism

by Bernard Groethuysen, translated by Mary Ilford, with an Introduction by Benjamin Nelson

Bayeux in the Late Eighteenth Century

by Olwen H. Hufton

October 24, 1968 issue

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